Apparently the British have a National Domestic Extremism Team.  Since everything from trying to marry someone of the same sex to advocating for enforcement of the actual wording of the Constitution are consider ed"extremist" positions nowadays, I shudder to think what purvey such an organization would have in this country.


  1. Mark:

    Wouldn't marrying someone of the opposite sex be considered the extremist position?

    Just wondering the world has gone a bit PC and heterosexual monogamists are considered quite odd.

  2. OBloodyhell:

    > Since everything from trying to marry someone of the same sex ... are consider ed”extremist” positions nowadays

    I sort of agree with Mark, but not exactly.

    I presume you meant "opposing same sex marriage is extremist".

    Anything that libtards are in favor of is "perfectly normal", including grooming children for pedophiles and sodomizing young girls...

  3. Austin:

    the range or limit of authority, competence, responsibility, concern, or intention

    to supply (as provisions) usually as a matter of business

    National Domestic Extremism Team

  4. Plungerman:

    I never hear it mentioned but that the impitus behind the same sex marriage movement is so that people of the same sex, living together can share in the same government granted blessings that hetero couples are subject to. This principally focusses on sharing insurance benefits. Everyone should get what they want whenever they want it.