Another Threat Debunked

Apparently the threat of GTBE  (galactic toilet bowl effect) is less than once thought.   But what about anthropogenic sources?


  1. Evil Red Scandi:

    These are vicious lies started by the coal and oil companies in collusion with the Bush Administration. We need the UN to take over the world economy so that we can stop the Great Galactic Toilet Bowl effect. You deniers are going to kill us all!!!

  2. Global Warming:

    It's black hole change not black hole growth. Now, get used to the idea that this winter's cold is evidence of anthropogenic whatever. WE NEED MORE REGULATIONS. oh, and funds to pay for the scientists that accept the global galactic consensus.

  3. Greg:

    The real reason, of course, for the apparent weakness of the GTBE is the ancient civilzations using it as a power source. They suck out so much of the generated energy that we just don't see it. Therefore the effect appears weaker than it really is.

    So if you want to count these ancients as humans (just to keep a label) then it's definitely Anthropogenic (weakening of) GTBE. It's now the Gov's job to figure out how to tax it.

  4. Mark:

    We need to stop GBTE weakening. Without the supermassive black hole in the center our galaxy will not be able to stay together, and will end up falling apart!

  5. アダルトSEO:

    So good news or bad news?

    In my mind, many threats today, the anthropogenic source is always the main reason, isn't it?

  6. Mesa Econoguy:

    Stop shitting, you assholes!!!!

  7. OBloodyhell:

    So, the Milky Way sucks less than previously believed.

    Perhaps planet Earth is finally growing up....



  8. jbharshaw:

    But...but... Won't somebody please think of the children?

  9. O Bloody Hell:

    > But…but… Won’t somebody please think of the children?

    Oh, but we are.

    That's why believe that the consensus opinion around here is that we feed at least 50% of all politicians to a black hole. Not necessarily at the center of the galaxy, just any black hole somewhere, anywhere, will do just fine.

    Especially if you cover it up quick so none of the bastards can crawl back out...