Blue Fremen

I thought this was pretty good.  I was so focused on the Dances with Wolves parallels that I missed this one.    Via the South Bend Seven, who has other review notes on Avatar.


  1. Bob Sykes:


  2. Jeffrey Ellis:

    That is brilliant. Good to know I don't need to go see Avatar now, as I've already seen it!

  3. Roy:

    ditto re the focus on 'Dances w/ Wolves'. But in good company, as that theme mentioned in many reviews. Had not thought at all of the rip off of the movie rip off of 'Dune'. Nor seen any hint of such in reviews. But right on.

    As much as the technology impressed, the (for want of better word) "plot" of Avatar shallow.

    Which makes it an Oscar tm contender. Only a rising rage against Avatar having boldly taken from so many will keep it from winning.

  4. Mark ii:

    Anyone who pays money to see this movie is a sap (like me). The movie is anti-technology and anti-capitalist, made with the most sophisticated technology available and financed by half a billion dollars in corporate financing. That the makers of this movie have already made more than a billion dollars from people going to see their message condemning the way the viewers live their lives (they killed all the green on their planet, etc, etc, etc), totally insults the military and the majority christian views of this country shows how stupid we all are.

  5. Dale:

    Come on folks it’s just a movie, and the special effects were great. If you want to get upset about something take a look at the trailer for Youth In Revolt.

  6. Chris:

    It's also the plot of Pocahontas, and probably a lot of other movies. The whole "natives vs. heavily armed invaders" plot is pretty archetypal.

    As for the movie being anti-capitalist; if anything its pro-property rights, the rights of the natives to live in their tree village thing. No military force should have the right to force you of your own property no matter how much rare commodities lie beneath it. If you think that's anti-capitalist then you don't know what capitalism is.

    And I wouldn't say its anti-technology, its anti-military industrial complex, albeit an extreme version where the corporation literally employs the military. Remember, the scientists were good guys and they used all sorts of technology.

    Honestly, the plot of this movie doesn't even matter. The 3D special effects make this movie worth watching.

  7. RobTzu:

    I like it. I thought it was more Pocahontas. Oh, and white people are bad. Lets not forget that.

  8. Les:

    Toxic Waste, Deforestation and Overpopulation were the big three threats to the planet to James Cameron's generation. No surprise in the Avatarverse Toxic Waste, Deforestation and Overpopulation have 'killed (our) mother' which is why we should endeavor to emulate the Na'vi.. despite the fact that western techno-centric culture has produced greater wealth, cleaner, greener, and shown dropping birth-rates to boot since the smokey and smelly days of the Industrial Revolution.. oh, and the fact that we don't have built-in neural USB cables and a plug-and-play biosphere to play with.