My brother-in-law Eric Grove's book on email marketing was voted on the list of top ten small business books for 2009.


  1. elambend:

    Your rec of the book came a perfect time for me as I am working on a start-up company and needed some help with marketing.

  2. Terry Noel:

    Been tempted to get that book for weeks now. You pushed me over the hill. Will read ASAP.

  3. Scott Showers:

    I will be telling all of my readers about this book also. It fits very nicely with my theme "Expanding Profits, Prosperity, & Liberty for the Small Business Owner".

    Small business owners have many cost effective tools available to increase productivity and profits. This is a very good example of how they can leverage their current list and get real bang for their buck.

    It has been my experience that the small business owner is so busy running their business that they rarely have time to research which technology will best help their business.