New Climate Video: Catastrophe Denied

The video from my climate lecture on November 10, 2009 is now available online. I have overlaid the slides on the video so you can see them better. If I have time, I may some day re-record the sound track over the slides in a studio setting.

The HD video is available full length via Vimeo embedded below. This is a lower resolution version -- to see it in its full high-resolution glory click here. This higher resolution version is greatly recommended - the Vimeo engine works well and I find it streams even better than low-resolution YouTube videos on most computers.

Catastrophe Denied: A Critique of Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming Theory from Warren Meyer on Vimeo.
Full Resolution Version Here

You can also view it on YouTube, though by YouTube's rules the resolution gets crushed and it has to be broken up into nine (9!) parts. The YouTube playlist is embedded below or is here.

The slides from this presentation can be downloaded here.


  1. beautox:

    I tend to agree with you about AGW. I would appreciate if you can comment on this site
    It purports to answer the skeptics arguments.

  2. mal:

    "Global warming is manmade, all right. It's made by men in lab coats who angle for government grants by fudging the data. "

  3. Jerry in Detroit:

    Anyone who studied AGW would find that the whole mess was based on unproven computer models and purposely corrupted data sets. Had there been any veracity at all in the AGW community, they would have had a very public validation of their modeling. The fact that such an event was so carefully avoided immediately spells fraud. We've been scammed big time.

  4. Link:

    Good stuff.

    I have a technical question for Warren.

    There's very little CO2 in our air -- even if it's been increasing, it's still a trace gas. Warren used the analogy of flying from LA to NYC and not getting off the LAX runway. I've been using the following: all our atmosphere has the same mass as 33 feet of ocean water. By my math, if frozen into dry ice and put on top of our oceans, all our atmospheric CO2 would add about an 1/8 inch to the height of our oceans. (396 inches X 400 parts per 1,000,000). So ... if I was to do a Jimi Hendrix "Vodoo Chile" by scooping it all up to make an island, would I even have the island of Hawaii? My point is that atmospheric CO2 has very little mass on a global scale.

    I understand that CO2 is good at absorbing energy from light. But is it that good? Almost anything around us absorbs energy from light, to different degrees. What makes CO2 so special that it could throw everything out of whack to such a degree, given that it has so little mass? It'd have outstanding at this at enormous orders of magnitude. If CO2 were that good, why couldn't I make cost-effective CO2 energy pumps -- translucent boxes filled with compacted CO2?

    It doesn't add up. What am I missing?

  5. Mark:

    Like the video, but there isn't anything that I have not read in your even more excellent 80 page PDF on the subject.

    Something which bugs me about Cap & Trade, which makes me think it must be really nefarious, is that there is a simple way to reduce fuel use. Just tax it. Tax oil at 20% more per barrel, tax coal at 50% per ton, and the price of energy will rise for these products. Alternate energy sources will come in and people will conserve all on their own. If 20% isn't enough raise it to 25% or 30% and of course make it revenue neutral - lower other tax rates to offset the costs.

    But instead we get this complex system of credits which get traded and a multitude of exemptions, and weird credits coming from China, which do not seem to be from any CO2 reduction. Why all the subterfuge when you can get the same effect more cheaply and efficiently with a simple tax.

  6. Pol:


    Same question here: This website seems pretty convincing to me, supported with a lot of data and they even reply to skeptic comments.

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  8. Matt:

    Great presentation.
    Just sat in front of my computer and watched the entire thing. Highly informative.

    Thank you very much for publishing this.