Keystone of Western Civilization

One terrorist nuke here would bring western civilization close to collapse.  Via Maggies Farm


  1. ben:

    Link is blank.

  2. David Y:

    Now THAT is good stuff. Thank you!

  3. LoneSnark:

    I disagree. Enough previously produced material from the un-nuked area could be brought in to restore production of same material before we ran out. It can be used to fix anything, no matter how devastated.

  4. nom de guerre:

    velcro. we'd still have velcro, and the terrorists would know that We Are Not Afraid.

  5. Elliot:

    All the King's horses and all the King's men...
    But they didn't have Duct tape!!!

  6. AvidPilot:

    One of the world's greatest duct tape repairs is documented here: