Jeff Flake Rocks

I really like our AZ Congressman Jeff Flake -- the libertarian goodness of Ron Paul without the weirdness and connections to racism.  This is pretty funny, from his site (ht:  Radley Balko)

Washington, D.C., Oct 28 - Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona's Sixth District, today released the following statement regarding his vote against H.Res.784, a bill "honoring the 2560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius and recognizing his invaluable contributions to philosophy and social and political thought."

"He who spends time passing trivial legislation may find himself out of time to read healthcare bill," said Flake.


  1. thebastidge:

    That's awesome.

    On the other hand, I could vote for a guy who never did anything BUT pass non-binding resolutions of peace and light with no enforcement or budget attached.

  2. Matt:

    I'm a long-time fan of Flake. Did you see the story about him going alone to some island in the Pacific with nothing but salt and pepper? He ate fish he killed with a spear. Now that's a man. I don't have the link handy, but I think it was on Politico or CNN.

  3. zjohna:

    Yes, but I doubt you feel he's very libertarian on his view on illegal immigration. As a libertarian, I'm torn on that issue as well.

  4. nom de guerre:

    yeah, flake's great and real conservatives all have man-crushes on him, but....

    ..but have ya noticed how the GOP leadership doesn't want anything to do with him and (obviously) secretly wishes he'd just go away and leave them to make deals and earmarks in peace? hmmm...let's see....they DO support dede scozzafava, socialist-lite, but they DON'T support jeff flake, rock-ribbed conservative. i wonder if there's a lesson in there somewhere.


    zjohna - Isn't Flake's view the same as Ron Paul's? Obey and enforce the Law while working to open up borders?

    The link to Flake's Robinson Crusoe moment is:

  6. Greg:

    I love that comment.

  7. will:

    Coyote is one of the web sites I visit almost daily. Great insight, common sense, humorous and with useful links. I'm also a fan of Ron Paul. It's a mystery, and disappointing, to see remarks about him from libertarians like "weirdness." After following him pretty closely for years, all I see is conventional personally, principled, and smart. Hardly weird. "Racism" has become a meaningless word, uncharacteristic for Coyote. If some of the people who've attached themselves to an anti-government movement are weird or racist, from this perspective they are a minority and certainly no more objectionable or harmful than the ACORNs or neocons of the big parties. Can't we all just get along?

  8. Doug:

    I know nothing about the guy, but the (very) implicit point of his clever post is that there is something worth studying in this gawdawful healthcare legislation in the first place. "Perhaps if I read it all, I'll find something about this intrusive, coercive bill that I can agree with"? What true libertarian wouldn't reject this abomination outright?

  9. Andrew:


    If you don't read the legislation then you are letting others do your interpretation for you. A true Libertarian thinks for himself.

    As a Legislator trying to work against it, it is vital that Flake understand the bill in order to defeat it.

  10. Greg:

    Not sure where the charge of racism comes from against Ron Paul...? I don't know what is so weird about wanting free markets and wanting to follow the constitution either. I was a fan of the site; this is the only thing I strongly disagree with Coyote on so far...hopefully it is some sort of misunderstanding.

  11. Craig:

    No cries of racism yet against Flake for making fun of a Chinese philosopher?

  12. gregworrel:

    The charges of racism came up during the campaign and refer to comments published in a newsletter under Ron Paul's name over 20 years ago. This was while he was back in Texas practicing medicine and allowing others to write and publish a newsletter that bore his name. I found the charges ludicrous and unfounded. The published comments were not written by Ron Paul and could only be called racist in the broadest interpretation of the word. Ron Paul took responsibility nevertheless and said they do not represent his views. I see the charge of racism on progressive blogs and it is a smear pure and simple. I too am disappointed that Coyote chose to repeat the charge here.

  13. Bub:

    Wow that is sooo cool. Maybe we could drop Jeff off in downtown Detriot with nothing more than the clothes he wears, see how he survives there for a month. Another rich blowhard that has never worked a day in his life. Except that guest appearance on Big Love.