Hurricane Wake

I thought this was an interesting image.  Hurricanes tend to extract energy from warm sea water and transport it into the atmosphere.  The image below, via Watts Up With That, shows the cooler "wake" left by Hurricane Bill as it passed north along the Atlantic coastline.



  1. Captain Obviousness:

    I wonder how much of that is due to energy extraction and how much is due to the high winds causing upwellings that bring cold water to the surface. In Southern CA it is common for water temps to drop as much as 5 degrees F overnight if you get a very windy day after a calm stretch.

  2. LoneSnark:

    Hurricanes also tend to be cloudy. And cutting off the supply of solar radiation should have a measurable impact.

  3. Billy Ruff'n:

    So, AGW causes hurricanes and hurricanes cause cooling. bet. Net impact on global temps??? Somehow I think Mother Nature is smarter than we are and she has it all worked out.