Government and Architecture

This is apparently the strange palace the US Government built to house Civil War pension records (c. 1918)


To my untrained eye, it reminds me of  this resort swimming pool in Florida (they sure don't build 'em like this any more):



  1. Michael:

    That's a great picture. There is something about black and white that captures emotion that color can't. It's like your favorite picture you have posted. The black and white is surreal, while the color is like a snap shot.

    The second picture looks like the scene at the NYC library in The Day After Tomorrow.

  2. DrTorch:

    I'm sure glad you provided a link, b/c my first thought was, "That looks a lot like the National Building Museum."

    The Museum has some nice events, but sure doesn't live up to its own venue.

  3. Colin:

    Yep, the National Building Museum. A company I used to work for had our annual party there -- was pretty cool with the fountain in the middle. Doesn't make much sense as a place to hold records though.