Google Reader Problems

I love Google Reader, but over the last several days have had problems with hundreds, or even thousands of old, already read posts suddenly being marked "unread."  Anyone else having this problem?


  1. John Anderson:

    For the sake of completeness in your informal survey, as the people without an issue are almost as important as those with in order to find out if the issue is universal or isolated, count me as a "No".

  2. Steven:

    I'm having a different issue. Google reader is now deleting read items automatically, which it never did before. I'm pretty sure I didn't switch this feature on. This happened by itself a few days ago and I really hate it.

  3. gRegor:

    I've experienced previously read items being marked as unread, but I've noticed it's strictly with blogs. This has happened in the past once or twice. I suspect it's something that the feed provider (Xanga, in this case) has updated rather than something with gReader.

  4. Jens Fiederer:

    I've had something similar happen with one specific site - turned out the lady who ran the blog was re-titling and re-keywording her old stuff, and I think you get an update for pretty much any change.

  5. m:

    That's typically a problem with the publisher of the blog, not Google Reader. Sometimes they'll make a configuration change that republishes every post.

  6. moi:

    My experience is like Jens' and m's: I occasionally see the same stories twice, and certain feeds always seem to show me each story twice, but I've always assumed that it's the fault of the publisher.

  7. rob sama:

    I just switched from google reader to Fever. Started getting skeevy about Google knowing EVERYTHING about what I read online.

  8. TDK:

    I don't get your problem but I do get a similar one.

    If I use Reader with my Mobile Datacard then any posts I read whilst on the Mobile Datacard will be marked unread when I go in through a normal network connection.

    I also get problems with blogs like Wm Briggs whilst on the datacard. If I read at the "all items" level or level of the folder that contains Wm Briggs, I can read the entry but if I go into the actual Wm Briggs feed, Reader reports an error with the feed.

  9. TJIC:

    I've had this happen from time to time, in batches of 10 or 50... never hundreds.

  10. Micah:

    No problems here.

  11. ArtD0dger:

    I agree, rob sama. Google tracks your RSS browsing, searching, blogging, and every other scrap of information they can get their mitts on. Who knows who they sell it to, and they have proven that they will hand it over to any authority who flashes a badge with no questions asked. I don't much care for their interface, either.

    They also seem to be killing off the rest of the online RSS readers. I'm being forced off of NewsGator and I can't find another decent one. There are lots of dead and derelict sites that were active just a couple years ago. Fever is out since you need to run your own server. I'm leaning towards FeedDemon (non-online) right now...

  12. robert61:

    No problems here.

  13. Foxfier:

    Only publisher-specific, going back several months.