Contact Your Congress Person

Added a link on the right for phone numbers and emails of all Congress members.


  1. David:

    As a DC resident, I'd love to have a representative and senator to contact...

  2. Methinks:

    Thanks for providing that link, Coyote. It's important for people to remember that this is THEIR government. These jokers are in office at their pleasure and it's time they are reminded of that.

    Hopefully, people will call in and voice their opinion.

  3. Craig:

    Sorry, David, but any constituency that repeatedly elects Marion Barry to office does not deserve a Congressman. Of course, the same can be said about those who vote for Chuck Rangel and Barney Frank...

  4. Nick S.:

    I may have to start using the phone- e-mails either get no response or boilerplate responses about unrelated items or several newsletters not subscribed to in the span of a few weeks.

  5. Matt:

    "It’s important for people to remember that this is THEIR government."

    Nope. It's not mine. Not by a long shot.

    *I* didn't roll those dice. *You* pay your own debts to the house.