Really Bad Bill

I would like to say that Waxman-Markey (the recently passed house bill to make sure everyone has new clothes just like the Emperor's) is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever, resulting from one of the worst legislative processes in memory.  But I am not sure I can, with recent bills like TARP and the stimulus act to compete with.  Nevertheless, it will be bad law if passed, a giant back door step towards creating a European-style corporate state.  The folks over at NRO have read some of the bill (though probably not all) and have 50 low-lights.  Read it all, it is impossible to excerpt -- just one bad provision after another.

Bruce McQuain focuses on the building inspection angle (for the first time the feds are really diving into building codes and inspections, poaching on what typically is state and local turf (just find that in your handy pocket Constitution's enumerated powers).

And Waxman-Markey is indeed a "green-job creator" of a bill "“ it creates an entirely new job category "“ Federal House Inspector. Yes, that's right, in order to sell your house in the future you must passed a federal housing inspection which will certify your home has the minimal energy rating necessary. And if not, you'll be required to bring it up to par by replacing appliances (water heaters, air conditioning, etc) or repairing (leaky windows, etc) whatever the inspector finds before you can put it on the market.

Have a candelabra in your dining room? Don't you dare put any more than a 60 watt bulb in there.  You need to also bone up on what you'll be allowed to do with outdoor lighting, water dispensers, hot tubs and other appliances, not to mention wood burning stoves and water usage.

Oh, and don't forget the installation and siting of shade trees, for which it appears a new bureaucracy is being created.  No kidding, read his post.  He has the text from the bill.


  1. Stephen Macklin:

    Having recently joined the ranks of those whose job The One failed to save, I am looking everywhere for work. If a good job means uprooting my family and relocating, that is what we will do. If this law is in effect if and when that happens there will be no federal inspection. We will pack our stuff, leave the keys on the counter and drive away.

  2. me:

    Actually, having lived in one for most of my life, European-style corporate states have their really, really good sides. The problem in this case is that the US is trying extremely hard to only get the bad laws (and it appears, some ridiculous ones) on the books.

  3. Bob Smith:

    Oh, and don’t forget the installation and siting of shade trees, for which it appears a new bureaucracy is being created

    And what about places like Florida, where most subdivisions don't have shade trees because they can become dangerous missiles in a hurricane? I forgot, the government can do anything but "one size fits all".

  4. Ramp:

    Wow, can you be any more misinformed? Get a clue. You don't have any idea what you are talking about.

  5. MJ:

    "And Waxman-Markey is indeed a “green-job creator” of a bill – it creates an entirely new job category – Federal House Inspector."

    That is precisely the problem. The people who are pitching this bill believe that the cost is the benefit.

  6. Bob Smith:

    Oops, I meant to say "government can't do anything but".

  7. DRC:

    Wow, Ramp, Thanks for setting us straight with that well worded and informative post. Now I see the light.

  8. Les:

    I thought the federal government was pissing and moaning about how bad the housing market is, about how many houses are being foreclosed and not being sold.. and they think THIS Will HELP?