Saturday Links

I almost never publish links posts.  But I was really stuck when I read Radley Balko's Saturday Morning Links post because every one was awesome.  Balko is not only one of the best bloggers out there, but a great journalist as well in a field of us pundits who put on pretensions of being pajama-clad investigators.  So here are all of his morning links:

Why there are 60 minutes in an hour

Bloomberg takes the next step down the road toward anti-tobacco hysteria.

Zimbabwean newspaper prints billboards on paper made from the country's worthless currency.

Legless frogs epidemic probably not caused by pollution, but by dragonfly nymphs with a jones for frogs' legs.

Obama administration will support indefinite detention of terror suspects without a trial; drops the news late in the evening on a summer Friday.

TSA detains man for comic book script. Kicker: Scropt was about a guy who gets wrongfully harassed by the government for writing fiction about terror attacks that came true.


  1. dave smith:

    I love Balko, but he did seem to be one that thought there was a chance that Obama would role back excutive power.


  2. Michael:

    Having lived in NYC, retailers and service providers have a lot of power. If cigarette retailer just threatened to stop selling for a week, the people of NYC would bring an end to Bloomberg's latest idea. I remember the idea of having cabbies use hybrids and a threatened strike ended that idea.

  3. Dr. T:

    I know that TSA has idiotic policies, but I did not think TSA required airport screeners to examine papers that passengers carry onto the plane. Do they think paper cuts threaten the crew? Is the content of the papers so inflammatory that they could self-combust?

    I agree with Dave Smith's comment. Last year I kept wondering, "how can intelligent people believe that Obama will be good for our nation?" Now I keep wondering, "how can even stupid people believe that Obama is good for our nation?"

  4. Michael:

    Dr. T; like John McCain was bating a thousand. The Republicans would have had a better chance if IBM ran their latest AI software for president.