Friday Picture

I thought this was really cool.  I am not really into caption contests, but there seem to be so many possibilities for this one.   The first 9/11 that wasn't?  An early Air Force One photo op?


via Shorpy


  1. Thom:

    It's carbon neutral, since it's fully powered by the hot air from below.

  2. Jody:

    The trans-Atlantic blimp prepares to moor at one of the many fuel depots in DC.

  3. Damon Gentry:

    "Senator Byrd, THIS is why we need to pass that bill for the creation of the FAA. We MUST have control the air spaces."

  4. Rolo Tomasi:

    "Rahm, this one's almost full, get another one."

  5. Tai:

    AP caught this photo of the bailout bill as it heads from the halls of Congress on its way to be signed by the President.

  6. Bob Hawkins:

    "A Luftwaffe Einz photo-op (ca. 1917)"

  7. Stephen Macklin:

    ... stopped at nations largest hot air supply depot and brothel ...

  8. Evil Red Scandi:

    An ominous harbinger of the upcoming Kennedy and Clinton administrations.

  9. Mike:

    Hi, nice posts there :-) thank's for the interesting information

  10. Ed Rasimus:

    "Manfred, I can't see a damn thing in this fog. Can you tell where we are?"

  11. Cyrus Killgore:

    Wow... 48 stars and now the President thinks there are 57 ...purddy serious ?

  12. Jim:

    Bill CLinton - "Monica! The "cigar" is here!!"

  13. braddles:

    I'd say the photo is a fake, of sorts. The Graf Zeppelin did fly over Washington in 1928, but this shot is a montage. The Zeppelin has clearly been photographed by a camera looking upwards as it flew overhead (you can see the engines on both sides of the ship) but in this perspective it should have been seen from the side. Giant Zeppelins did not lean over when turning in the way that aircraft do.

    The occasion was the first ever commercial passenger flight over the Atlantic. You can see some damage on a tailfin that happened during the flight.

  14. Ed Flinn:

    This appears to be marked D-LZ 127, which was the Graf Zeppelin. Earlier today I saw a story from San Francisco which says they're flying a 246-foot-long sight-seeing zeppelin there.