The Obama Years In Two Sentences

The perfect storm: arrogant preachy leftists throwing money at useless things - and rational but amoral capitalists running around picking up the money.

The only loser is the taxpayer who is on the hook for all that money.

Via TJIC.  The Corporate State in a nutshell.


  1. NukemHill:

    Me? I think I'm just going to become one of those amoral capitalists, form a company that the stupid leftists are willing to throw some filthy cash at, make a few zillion dollars, and then convert it all to gold and silver.

    Then I'm going to move to the mountains, ride out the Collapse, and then form a bank for the Rebuilding. Money lending based on hard currency? What a concept. Wonder why nobody's thought of it before.... ;-)

  2. Bryan:

    And just think, we've only had Obama for 3 months. Hopefully only 39 left to go.

  3. ThomMoses:

    This is government sponsored torture. No not the baby stuff used at Gitmo. What I'm refering to is statements like
    "if we don't pass this stimulus bill we may never get out of the recession" or Nancy Pelosi " we could lose 5 million jobs a month" or teaching children at school the planet is dying unless we tax carbon. What these are are all lies used to intimidate, threaten ones life or classify you as a murderer if you drive a SUV.
    The only part missing is the physical abuse which I'm sure the war hardened detainees could handle and would be quite useless.

    The purpose is to destroy ones autonomy. To make you capitulate. To embarass you in front of your children. And even worse, to expose our children to fears worse than we grew up with, the cold war, threat of the USSR. Hide under your desk, fall out shelters. Only one big difference, that one was real. The nearby silos are gone now, they renamed it NIKE PARK.

    I was in Perth Amboy (were there is a large Cuban population) today and I heard 3 very young boys talking, couldn't have been more than 6 years old. They said the U.S. was doing something illegal, they were torturing people in the prison at Gauntonomo. Scarry!

  4. Bill Chaffee:

    The amount of energy contained in the wind is a function of the wind speed cubed. If the wind speed changes by a factor of 2, then the amount of energy changes by a factor of 8. The net result is that the power output of wind turbines is extremely erratic. The money spent on wind "farms" could be better spent on research and development of energy storage technology.