Now We Know The World Is About to End...

... because an Arizona Cardinal will be on the cover of EA's Madden 10 game.  Actually, Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals will share the cover with Troy Polamalu of the Steelers.  I suppose believers in the Madden curse can take heart that it may not have much affect on the Cardinals, who have historically been dogged by plenty of curses of their own making.   Maybe there is some sort of acquired immunity.  Great choice, though, as Larry Fitzgerald is not only rediculously talented and exciting to watch, but also seems to be as good of a guy as one can find in professional sports.


  1. Mesa Econoguy:

    Yeah, Favre worked great last year:

  2. MJ:

    Great choice, indeed. Fitzgerald is ridiculously talented. And a good guy. Minneapolis is proud.