Headlines I Never Expected to See In My Lifetime

On the cover of the WSJ today, "US Cargo Ship Repels Pirates."   So there weren't any Spanish treasure gallions to attack instead?


  1. Josh:

    I don't get it...


    Warren, your blog is ON FIRE lately.

  3. EdgeWaterHotelCasinoLaughlin:

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  4. EvilRedScandi:

    They must have had some ninjas handy.

  5. Billy Ruff'n:


    No ninjas -- just guys who remembered the words of Capt. James Lawrence:

    "Don't give up the ship!"

  6. Boy Named Sous:

    Isn't it great that the world's largest superpower is being held at bay by four Jack Sparrow Wannabes in a dinghy? Embarassing as hell.

  7. epobirs:

    The government really needs to remember why the Marine Corps. was created.

  8. George:


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  9. Kyle Bennett:

    Mysterious pirate seizes ship carrying US government aid to other countries....

    Where have I heard read that scenario before?

  10. rxc:

    We are negotiating with pirates and will probably end up paying them some sort of ransom. I seem to remember something like once before - umm... "Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute" from the father of the Democratic party, I believe....

  11. rxc:

    Also, it is interesting that the French are sending commandos to rescue their nationals who have been taken by these pirates, while the US sends "negotiators"... Probably with checkbooks...

  12. Bryan Pick:

    Well rxc, now we sent in the Navy SEALs. Game, set, match. Give Obama his due on this one.

  13. eagle feather:

    I don't give Obama as much credit as everyone seems to want to. He have orders twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday, but nothing happened until Sunday when the commander on site made the call. It sounds like Obama was trying to controll the situation too much, instead of letting the commander do what was needed.
    To be fair, thoughm I could be wrong.

  14. rxc:


    I am glad to see that the captain of the container ship was rescued, but I am not sure that the Obama administration can take much credit for this, inasmuch as they just gave the on-scene commander the authority to act if he felt that the life of the hostage was in danger. This sounds to me like a good CYA position - if the violent rescue goes bad, the administration can blame the local commander for bad judgement or bad execution. They have not said(AFAIK) that they ordered him to shoot the hostages, in contrast with the FRENCH, who have said repeatedly that they will not allow these pirates to continue to take their citizens. The French commandos took back some hostages a few hours before the Americans acted.

    I am still not sure that the way that the administration will "deal with" the piracy in the future does not involve writing them a check...