Encouraging News on Windows 7

Most of my readers know that I have been a Vista hater  (I still am by the way -- I have one machine running Vista SP1 and it drives me crazy -- just last night I had to reboot three times, each time just to be able to clear some permission state that would not let me delete a file).

The early returns look good for Windows 7, particularly for those of us looking for a home media sharing platform (the only reason I use Vista at all is because I have been toying around with Vista Media Center and a media extender, but more on that in a future post).  Here is Engadget:

The mood at Microsoft seems (understandably) high about this release. It's clear that lots of folks see this as the big, shiny band-aid for many of the Vista woes that people have been experiencing -- and in many ways, that's exactly what it is. If you're at all curious about what Microsoft has been up to, you should absolutely grab this install and take it for a spin (when you can); there is a metric ton going on here, and it's certainly worth taking a second look at. Bottom line, though? This is still Windows, and it's still got a lot of Vista in it. If you weren't feeling it the first time around, there may not be enough here to convince you otherwise. However, this is a valiant effort from Microsoft and it shows that the company does understand it's burned some bridges throughout the last three years -- this is a big step for them both in technique and tone, and that's certainly not lost on us.


  1. MSFTy:

    Wait a few days and get the newest bits - the first release candidate will be coming soon (http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2009/03/windows-7-rc-download-page-goes-up-early-coming-in-may.ars), and, trust me, it's going to be fingerlicking good.

  2. skh.pcola:

    I've had the same Vista laptop for 2 years and have never had a BSD or had to reboot for anything. I disabled most of the "security" features and run Malwarebytes and Spybot. Never had a problem. You're a smart guy...I'm somewhat surprised that you've had a poor experience with Vista.

    BTW, I use Excel, Word, and Access in Office 2007 most of every day and prefer that version over the 2003 variety, although some (most?) people abhor the newer suite. I've come to believe that naysayers are simply kneejerk reactionaries who are predisposed to hate Microsft.

  3. Andrew:

    Windows 7 is Vista SP3.

    That being said, it's pretty darn decent.

  4. Kevin:

    Try SysInternals.com, which offers a Windows task manager upgrade that will let you find all the handles on a file and what process holds them. Knowing that, you can kill the process attached to the file you want to delete, or just kill the handle.

  5. Logan W:

    I think it's funny how many "leaked" versions have hit the interwebs in the last few months. If this were 1996, there would be people in JAIL over that. MSFT knows they've effed up for the last 5 years at least.

    I got sick of Windows before I went to college. If you want real usability and stability (and security!), I recommend Ubuntu(.com). It's free, and you can try it without installing it. We all know Windows gets worse with every release.

    This recommendation is the best I can offer in return for this great blog!

  6. esox lucius:

    I bought a mac to avoid vista. 'nuf said

  7. Rick C:

    Logan W., leaked versions of Windows are nothing new. They were widely available during the Vista beta, and the XP beta, and the Win2K beta, and as far back as Win95, and I'm sure it goes beyond that too, but I don't _know_ it does.

    These days, MS puts GUIDS in the downloads, so they can figure out who's doing the leaking.

  8. Kirk:

    Just get a Mac. Problem solved.

  9. Logan W:

    And beta started when? Beginning of last summer?