More Cool Charts

Immigration Explorer at the NY Times.  Dynamic map of US immigration and sources of immigration over the last 120 years.


  1. A Stoner:

    Considering that the NY Times is pro immigrant, I will assume that this chart is intended for the express purpose of trying to tell Americans that pretty much every single neighbor they have is an immigrant. That is all great and good, but something that must be considered is the attitudes and the eventual changes that have happened to the vast majority of immigrants from 120 years ago to 30 years ago, compared to the immigrants of the last 30 years.

    Immigrants of the past came to America to become a part of America. They adapted to our culture while adding small, but valuable, bits of theirs to ours. It took usually 1 generation for a family of immigrants to become nearly indistinguishable, except maybe accent from the rest of society. Over the last 30 years, this immigration integration has gone in the wrong direction.

    Immigrants of today, while many are very much like those of the past, a large enough proportion of the new immigrants come to America to take advantage of American generosity. They break our laws on entering. They break our laws working. They break our laws every time they drive. They steal people's identities. They make demands, as though they have every right to tell Americans how they, as illegal immigrants, deserve to be treated by Americans. They do not have intentions of becoming American, just getting what they can for as long as they can, thus they have no reason to integrate into society. They do not learn the language. They do not obey the laws. They do not become American, but nationality-American, and come with every expectation that they are entitled.

    Yeah, my ancestors came to America long ago as immigrants. They changed their last names to match the society they came to. They learned the language, going from German to English, Steiner to Stoner. They learned and obeyed they laws of the land.

    Yeah, I think America needs immigrants, but I do not think we need illegal immigrants. I also do not think we need to allow so many legal immigrants into our society that they find it easier to congregate and take 5 generations or more to integrate into society. I also think that immigrants who do not wish to remove the hyphenation from their American identity should not be granted citizen status. Immigrants who cannot speak fluent english should not be allowed to become American Citizens. Immigrants who cannot pass a basic history of America, from the perspective of seeing America's greatness, should not be allowed to become Citizens.

  2. JP Springer:

    I would suggest you consider that in almost every generalized round of immigration the cycle has been 3 generations from the initial immigrant to notable assimilation. People persist in claiming that things are 'different now '(at which ever point you would elect to selecton the American timeline).

    You can pretty well count on it: look at the grand children and you'll see citizens.

    Being in the front of the line mostly means you'll have the possibility of trying to rewriting the rules to disenfranchize those who are further back in the que.