After the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament, here are the standings:

Leaderboard after 48 games - See full standings
Bracket Rank Points
Moses Medrano 1 91
Chuck Jones #2 2 88
Jim Furey #2 3 85
Matt Deeks 4 84
Steve Anonymous 5 84
Bracket Rank Points
Will Mischler #2 6 82
Warren Meyer 7 80
Steve Jones 8 77
David Damore 9 77
Jim Furey 10 77

Note your humble scribe in 7th place.  Moses has led right from the starting gate, and still has a decent chance of ultimate victory, but his chances fell a lot when the Longhorns couldn't quite pull out the win the other day.

You can look at your best possible finish here.  Retain hope -- even Andrew Ivey, at #137, still has a statistical chance of victory, as do many others.  A large majority of the top 75 current brackets still have a statistical chance of victory.

Update: If you wonder why so many folks have a chance, from this point forward there are 32,768 different possible bracket outcomes.  After this weekend, there will only be 8.


  1. Xmas:

    My X Mas #2 bracket shows that I have to hope for Purdue and Kansas to win next round, and for Kansas to win it all. I'm hoping.

  2. Jim:

    Both of my mortally wounded brackets have still managed to stay in the top 10, but with UCLA bowing out in round 2, winning it all is a very small chance.

  3. steep:

    Thanks for doing this again coyote. Just like on the national scene, hope fades to despair. But, thanks to pickhoops, I've got a great statistical analysis of my despair.

  4. Steve Soon to be Famous:

    50% chance of winning (assuming all outcomes are equally likely). Go Spartans...

    ... on the other hand...

    Would I rather win this competition (which requires a Spartan victory), or deal with a bunch of obnoxious Spartan fans at work. What's the prize for winning again?