The Blowpop May Have Been Excessive

A framework for choosing a Valentines present (click to enlarge)


via Flowing Data.

I am kind of a Valentines Day scrooge.  I don't really like manufactured holidays aimed at converting my guilt into card and restaurant sales.  But I did spring for a dozen red roses from the grocery store ($10 baby!) and a giant cupcake for my daughter.

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  1. John IV:

    Yeah, I feel the same way about valentines. (in paticular it perturbs me that costco/priceclub sells 2dozen rozes for $15 every day of the year, except the week before valentines, when they sell 1 dozen roses for $25 :( )

    My favorite thing this year though was seeing the political correctness police of the new generation turn the politically correct invented holiday of previous generations into the new and improved, much more politically corrected, "friendship and caring" day. :)