Because there is no disaster that immediate, decisive, wrong action cannot make worse

The post title is a quote from this video on the bailout, which is not a deep analysis of the financial crisis, but spot-on none-the-less. Via the Liberty Papers.


  1. Chris Byrne:

    Via me in particular there sir. Glad to know you're a reader.

  2. kebko:

    That made me miss "the show with zefrank".

  3. Uma Mason:

    How can this page be sent to the White House and the big CEO's so they can see what's going on. Maybe they just don't have a clue what they're doing and where they are getting their bonuses that they don't even deserve. I thought if you worked hard and made your money then you get a bonus, not by taking my tax dollars.
    Also how can we let these CEO's know there is a word such as dignity and why don't they resign or commit suicide like the Japanese CEO's do if under they watch the company fails they leave. Our country - USA does not know the word responsibility and consequences.
    I love the way this was presented.