Single Most Irritating Game Link I Have Ever Followed

Click the ball to change the color


And yes, it does change color.  It is not a practical joke.

Update: I mean what I say in the title. I posted this because it was irritating, not because it was fun.


  1. ErikTheRed:

    It takes balls to suggest a link like that.

  2. Booklegger:

    Gravity is turned up way too high. Observe: take a physical object on a string, and swing it around vertically. Stop your hand's motion, and watch that the object will swing around several more times, depending on how fast you swung the object.

    Do the same thing with the game, and it won't complete even one revolution, no matter how fast you've swung it.

  3. socalmike:

    I can only play this for about 30 seconds and i'm bored. I agree with booklegger's comment about gravity. Maybe that's why it's boring.

  4. Beerwulf:

    Flick the mouse upwards, firmly, click on the ball at the top of it's stroke. Piece of cake. And Bootleggert - the gravity is fine, it's the damping force that's high.

  5. Beerwulf:

    Sorry for mangling the name, Booklegger.

  6. John Moore:

    For a really fun (and terribly time wasting) physics based game, check out

    It cost me a few days.

  7. jdw:

    Why, oh WHY did you do this to us, your loyal followers?

  8. sabril:

    I figured out how to do it. Move the pointer to the very right edge of the screen. Now move the pointer down while keeping it right against the side of the screen. The ball will stay in place. Keep moving the pointer down until it's a quarter to half an inch below the ball. Then move the pointer a bit to the left while clicking at the same time. You may have to play with the distance a bit to get the timing right.

  9. Joe Antognini:

    It's also trivial if you right click.

  10. mostly cajun:

    Piece of cake...

    right-click. ball will suspend from the point of right-click while you calmly move the cursor over to it and THEN left-click, and it WILL change color.

    I didn't get where I am by NOT trying stuff...


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