Demonstration of Microsoft Photosynth technology using an collection of inauguration photos.  The arrows at the bottom take you to other mosaics.  Move the cursor over the picture, it white quadrilaterals will appear - these are photo views you will get if you click on it.  Kind of cool -- you could imagine this in a movie, with police hunting for the killer in a large public even, searching through photos, yada yada.


  1. Dr. T:

    I can't stand it. Another bastardization of English by a corporation. They could have called the process PhotoCreation or Photo3D or PhotoSculpt or a dozen other choices. No, Microsoft called it PhotoSynth and pretends that the word photosynthesis doesn't exist. The 5% of people who remember any science will be scratching their heads wondering what Microsoft has to to with sunlight striking chlorophyll molecules.

  2. Mesa Econoguy:

    Nothing Microsoft does could ever be described as impressive.

  3. Billy Beck:

    Yeah, right; as if I'm going to install Silverlight.

    Good luck with that.