Gratuitous Umlauts

Doogie Horner creates a classification system for heavy metal band names that pretty awesome (click to enlarge).


I saw it first at FlowingData, a website and blog about the graphical representation of data that I can't believe I have never visited before.  Other cool graphics include the Walmart growth video.  Lots of ways to waste time on this site, if you are a geek like me.


  1. damaged justice:

    The "Death" entry does not have Chuck Schuldiner's DEATH, one of the few "death metal" bands to actually matter. FAIL.

  2. Nick S.:

    It would help if the names were spelled correctly. Motley Crue should have an E at the end, Led Zeppelin is spelled wrong... it's not like these are bands nobody's heard of. It kills the amusement value a bit, but still kind of funny.