You Mean It Was Just A Money Grab? I'm So Disillusioned

Via the Liberty Papers:

U.S. states have not lived up to their commitment to devote a major portion of their huge legal settlement with the tobacco industry a decade ago on anti-smoking efforts, health advocacy groups said on Tuesday.

In the 10 years since the landmark deal, the states have received $79.2 billion of the settlement and another $124.3 billion from tobacco taxes, but have spent only about 3 percent of it "” $6.5 billion "” on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, the groups said in a report.

Gee, I really thought the settlement was about health care and tobacco education, and now I find out it was just a crass money grab?  Who could have ever predicted that?

Those who have read my novel will recognize the sarcasm.


  1. Brad Warbiany:

    Thanks for the link... Unfortunately The Liberty Papers underwent a severe system crash and we'll likely be down at least a day.

    Glad at least someone got to see that before it disappeared!

  2. Jody:

    Virginia is using a large fraction of the settlement money for economic development of 'Southside" Virginia which used to be a heavy tobacco-growing region.

    It's not tobacco education or health care, but it seems like a reasonable use to me.

  3. Mike:

    5 years ago, our state's governor flushed $1 billion of tobacco settlement money down the toilet as part of his budget 'fix' for a $4 billion plus deficit. Guess what, even after passing a 75 cent/pack 'health impact fee' (how's that for semantics) last year, the state is still staring down a $5 billion plus deficit for the coming biennium.

    Great work, Brownie!