Update on Corporate Compliance Minutes Scam

I got another one of those scam letters from a company that attempts to trick businesses into thinking their bill is actually a requirement of a state regulatory organization (original post here).  This one is from the "Indiana Corporate Compliance Business Division."  It looks like one of the millions of small fees a business actually does have to pay to state governments for all kinds of random stuff, but is actually a business solicitation.  I will give this one credit - the font size at the bottom where they say this is a business solicitation and not a bill from a government agency is actually a size larger than similar language on the last one I received.  (click to enlarge image below)


I did not take them up on their offer, so I do not know what one would get back, if anything, from them.  It is indeed important to keep minutes books up to date.  But I do know that the information they request in addition to the fee is not nearly enough to create a meaningful set of minutes for one's corporation, so my guess is it is a ripoff.


  1. Rick C:

    I hope that if you DO decide to take them up on their offer, you do print legible like they ask.

  2. Marin:

    I received the same letter few months back and I removed it.

  3. cindy:

    Indiana Corps can file the entity reports online with the secretary of state for about $22.
    It takes about a minute.

  4. Anonymous:

    the zip is from Las Vegas