Where is the Credit Crisis?

Mark Perry observes that if we are in for a credit crunch, its not showing up in the numbers yet, as bank loans and leases hit an all-time high and most other types of lending are still near their peaks.


  1. stan:

    You can believe govt statistics or free market prices. When I was an economics major, I learned that prices were the source of a great deal of information. Prices in the credit markets are incredibly ugly.

  2. Captain Obviousness:

    Look at the spread between overnight bank lending rates and 3 month t bill rates - it is at an all time high. This is going to get incredibly ugly if nothing is done.

  3. Jim Hart:

    Let it get ugly!

  4. Jolinar Maktub:

    Yes, let it get ugly. Mortgage lending is a stupid and inefficient use of capital. Let's knock out some borrowers and put the capital into business.