Two MILLION Visitors

Medium_dr_evil_1  Twomillion_2

Thanks, folks.  I still remember the first month I blogged about four years ago, when I wrote and wrote and was fairly sure not a single person was reading.  Like performing to an empty room.


  1. rockville:

    I know the feeling.

    Readers? Sometimes it feels like I could post my deepest inner secrets and they'll be secure.

    Give it time...

  2. Jay:

    Congratulations! That's more visitors than I've had in 5 years and 7 months. I know what you mean about the empty room thing, and at the same time, I sometimes wish I had an emptier room that left me feeling less constrained about what I can say. If nobody is reading, I can't catch flack no matter what I write.

    Still, unless it's nothing more than a get it off your chest personal journal, it feels wrong to have no readers at all.

  3. Magnus:


    You well deserve all readers! (...and more.)

  4. Shenpen:

    Congratulations! Who's that fellow on the picture?

  5. Jeffrey Ellis:

    Congrats! Even though I'm jealous. You get more visitors in a day than I get in a month.

  6. Karthic Dixit:

    Congratulations! And thank you for providing us with educative, thought provoking, reads.