I Guess I'm Not Patriotic

I have always been mildly suspicious of the word "Patriotism," particularly when it is used to mean supporting one's country even when it is behaving badly.  I prefer to say that I respect, even love this country for the high values it has historically set for itself.   But when it falls short of those values, it is going to hear it from me, patriotism or no.

But if patriotism is defined as having my money put in someone else's pocket, I am not a patriot.


  1. rox_publius:

    didnt ayn rand write a book about this?

  2. Douglas M. Chatham:

    I consider patriotism to be "loyalty to the founding principles of the country". The United States is the first nation in history to be based on Individual Rights.

  3. ccoffer:

    I wonder if anyone asked Joe O'pieceO'crap Biden if its "patriotic" to spend money you were given by a thief.

  4. EconStudent:

    I'm just curious which one we're supposed to believe, one say's we should be happy to pay taxes, the other on the ticket says 95% of us should expect to pay less in taxes...

  5. Leonard Huff III:

    Re: Douglas

    "We The People" under a little docuement way back in 1776, still today has all the principle that I try to operate under day to day.

    I belive in God , Country, Family , and Ect. , but to some people who are elected to represent me, as the "We The People" start to tell me what to think and what to do, I as a individual have a problem with those elected people.

    That has been going on since who knows, BC or DC , but life goes on!

    The moral of the story!

    Vote for the right person?!

    Have a nice day.

  6. stephanie:

    Warren - where do you find all this stuff !! I love it!!

  7. stan:

    Patriotism is love of country. Love is commitment (not a "feeling"). A patriotic American is committed to his country as a loving husband is committed to his wife. He may have disagreements. He may get angry. But the patriot keeps working to make it better. He doesn't hold back. He's all in.

    The patriot doesn't threaten to leave, if he doesn't like the outcome of an election. A patriot doesn't tell lies about his country. He doesn't slander his country. Anymore than a loving husband would tell vicious lies which slander his wife.