Greetings from Green Bay

I am here in Green Bay checking off another item on my sports bucket list: seeing a game at Lambeau Field.  And it should be a really good one. 

We went out last night on the town to various bars, mostly on Washington street, after a ritual visit to "fuzzy's."  (Packers fans can tell me later if we were on the right track with these choices).  My friend (who lives in DC) and I were shocked to pay only $2 a beer at the first bar we were at.  It turned out that this was virtual price gouging in the local market.  We never paid more the rest of the evening than $1 for a mug of draft, on a Saturday night yet.  Yet another good reason to stay off the coasts.

For the record, Green Bay is really a very nice, tidy little town.  Kind of quiet, like many small towns -- they set all the traffic lights to flashing yellow last night about 8PM.  The only difference between it and any other nice midwestern town is that every single business has "packers" in its name somehow and roughly 30% of the population at any one time is wearing something with "FAVRE" on the back.  Who is this Favre guy?  I thought he played in New York  ;=)


  1. Brian Dunbar:

    For the record, Green Bay is really a very nice, tidy little town.

    It's really odd to hear Green Bay referred to has a little town. I'm 40 minutes southwest of there - from my perspective Green Bay is 'the big city'.

  2. Allen:

    Did they serve you Miller Lite on ice? They do crazy things like that in Wisconsin.

  3. PaulNoonan:

    I lived in Wisconsin for 26 years and never had Miller Lite on ice.

    Have fun Warren.

  4. MJ:

    The Cult of Favre is still alive and well in GB. Bunch of savages in that town. Nice to watch them get spanked at Lambeau by the Cowboys this evening.

  5. Mark S.:

    Metro area of 300,000 and you call it a small town? I guess it's all perspective.

    And MJ? After the spanking the Packers gave the happless's no wonder you'd feel that way.

  6. Rick C:

    I spent 9 months in Green Bay a few years back. It's a nice place, but it's pretty small for a city--especially when compared to places like Tampa, Dallas, and so on. There's nothing wrong with that--a lot of smaller cities are nice places.

  7. MJ:


    24-19 is hardly a 'spanking', unlike when the Cowboys posted 20-point, second half lead on the home field Packers.

    The Vikings have gotten rid of one important problem (by benching Jackson), and I'll be looking forward to watching Aaron Rodgers' head bounce off the turf at the Dome later this year. You should watch too -- you can even drink some of that watery, 3.2 beer while Rodgers is padding the stat sheet and trying to erase a major deficit during the 4th quarter.