Who Knew We Libertarians Were Such Calm, Quiet People

Neil Boortz (via Maggies Farm) did a Yahoo news search on a variety of terms, counting results for various terms, with this result:

Democrats Outraged

45,600 hits
Muslims Outraged 35,600 hits
Republicans Outraged 13,800 hits
Catholics Outraged 11,500 hits
Christians Outraged 2,990 hits
Jews Outraged 2,060 hits
Libertarians Outraged 57 hits
Buddhists Outraged 24 hits

He seems to have an agenda at the top of the list, but what about us libertarians at the bottom?  I know we are outraged, so I supposed we need a better PR agent.  I mean, no outrage here.


  1. Jim Collins:

    All this shows me is that Democrats and Muslims get outraged pretty easy. Maybe they need to grow a thicker skin.

  2. Streaker:

    If such a search had been possible during the Clinton administration the top one would have been with the Republicans.

    Muslims would probably still be second on the list, though.

    Nobody cares if Libertarians are outraged. Seriously, what are they gonna do about it?

  3. Magnus A:

    You forgot The Ideology.

    "Conservative outraged" gives 38 hits, but "Muslims outraged" at the same time 18400 so the "Conservative outraged" figures shall be twice as large in Bortz' list: 76.

    But here we have to remember *who* writes the phrase "Conservative outraged". It's typically libertarians! ;-)

    /Magnus (a conservative punching empty ideologies, but not outrageously)

    PS. Ooops; now the "Conservaive outraged" hit on google will be 76+4=80... Aaah...

  4. Mesa Econoguy:

    Coyote, you have missed many categories:

    Pissed off conservative
    F*&%ing pissed Conservative
    Conservative who is f&^ing pissed
    Outrageously f#&$ing pissed off conservative, now economic libertarian (me),
    Morton Downey III,
    Shut up Bush, insert foot first,

    I thought, by definition, that all Democrats were enraged…?

    Or outrageous?



  5. Miklos Hollender:

    We Buddhists won! :)

    In 2000 at the Hamburg Expo there was a game. It was like a table soccer - you put on some helmets that read brainwaves and the ball moves toward
    the goal of that player who is the more excited. The point is that as the ball approaches the goal of your opponent you get more excited, so
    it starts to come back... so to score you have to stay totally calm until you actually score. Of course, for a long time, the unbeaten champion of this patience-game
    was a teacher. Who else? Unbeaten until our friends from the local Buddhist meditation center visited the Expo...

  6. Steph Mineart:

    I see he didn't factor in the conservative media bias into his calculations. I'm outraged.

  7. MikeH:

    Bloggers outraged = 12,400,000

  8. ErikTheRed:

    It makes perfect sense. It's easier to enjoy your life when you're not expecting others to make your happy.

  9. Chris Byrne:

    That's because instead of outrage, we crack sardonic and bitter jokes, and write diatribes railing against collectivism.

  10. Brad Warbiany:

    Could it simply be that there aren't many news stories, *at all*, about Libertarians? I'd say at least two orders of magnitude higher for mentions of Reps or Dems over Libertarians sounds plausible.

    If that is the case, it would make perfect sense that there are very few hits when pairing any term with Libertairian.

  11. bbartlog:

    When I did something similar (I did a bunch of searches on ' fanatic' where was a bunch of different religions), I also did a search on just '' to use as a denominator. So yes, you would want to google plain old 'libertarian', 'conservative', 'muslim' et. al. and then divide your results byt those numbers.
    BTW Buddhists also did really, really well in the fanaticism sweepstakes (if by 'doing well' you mean 'least fanatical').