A Couple of Free SF Short Stories

Tor.com recently went online, and apparently has a new John Scalzi short story from the Old Man's War universe and a new Charles Stross from his very enjoyable "Laundry" series (I have not mentioned the latter series very much, but it is sort of HP Lovecraft meets Men in Black crossed with Office Space.  Really.)


  1. SR:

    The Laundryverse is quite good. I prefer the OMW universe, but the Laundryverse is quite fun.

  2. Sol:

    Did the second Laundry book ever come out in paperback? I really enjoyed the first, and was just waiting for a paperback release of the second to read it. And waiting, and waiting... (Hmm... I ask these things, and then I think, "You have access to search engines, dimwit." Judging by Amazon.com, the answer is it is only in hardcover so far.)

    Thanks for the pointer to Tor.com, BTW, that site had completely slipped my attention.

  3. Solar Lad:

    SUPER site - thanks for the tip...