Great Moments in the Traditional Media

A decent sized newspaper is doing a story on one of our campgrounds for their paper, which is great news.  However, they want some photos.  I directed them to our web site with links to Flickr, where they could view the photos and actually download full resolution versions of the images.  However, after some back and forth, it seems that no one at the paper is able to accomplish this.  So I am now downloading the images they want off the Flickr page they are looking at and sending the images to them via CD / snail mail.  Sigh.


  1. Flatland:

    Maybe one of the paper's employee's kids could come in an download the pictures for them. Sad...

  2. tribal elder:

    These are the same folks-

    1) helping us understand global warming

    2) explaining economics to the masses

    3) helping 'package' our political leaders

  3. BlacquesjacquesShellacques:

    And also, they have 'university degrees' in 'Journalism'.

  4. Dr. T:

    Is a password required to see or download the full resolution photos?

  5. DKH:

    Dr. T:

    I have no Flickr account, but I was able to view a picture on the Flickr link above that was 2560x1920. I assume this is full size, and I wouldn't think a newspaper would need a larger size than that. So it does not appear that a password is required.

  6. ErikTheRed:

    Many corporations block Flickr to keep employees from wasting bandwidth. One would think that a newspaper might make an exception in this case, but who knows? Also possible that their employees are functionally retarded.

  7. Dan:

    Sell your stock in any newspaper which filters its journalists' internet access.

    Actually... sell your newspaper stock anyway. That stuff ain't going up.