Airplane Crash Lawsuit Dropped, but CEO Subsequently Stoned to Death For Having Female Flight Attendants

Apparently, Blackwater wants to be tried under Sharia law:

I learn that Blackwater has filed a motion in a lawsuit claiming
that since the mishap they're being sued for (a plane crash) happened
in Afghanistan, the lawsuit should be adjudicated via sharia law, not
U.S. law. That's ironic enough on its own merits, but the explanation is even better:

April, Blackwater asked a federal judge in Florida to apply Islamic
law, commonly known as Shari'a, to the case. If the judge agreed, the
lawsuit would be dismissed. Shari'a law does not hold a company
responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of
their work.

LOL, my guess is that they really don't want the precedent set that Blackwater will henceforth be held to Sharia law in Afghanistan.  By the way, don't miss your chance to buy some gear or posters in the Blackwater company store.  I found it randomly checking out their site.  They actually have some really good looking posters, much better looking than the stuff sold in company stores where I have worked.




  1. Speedmaster:

    VERY interesting story!

  2. aircraft parts:

    What is the standard over there and how it will cost us.