Sorry, no big idea in this post.  I just thought that this definition of "victim" was kindof stretching the term a bit:

Authorities in Yavapai County say they're looking for additional
victims of a nude hiker who allegedly told women he encountered that he
was "getting close to nature."

Yavapai County Sheriff's spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn says deputies
were called to a trail in Sedona on April 28 by two women who had been
confronted by the nude man. The man offered to take pictures of the


  1. GU:

    That might be rape under our new feminazi sponsored rape laws!

  2. David, Chandler, AZ:

    You'd think that in this day and age no one would feel victimized by the sight of a naked man. Oy vey.

  3. YT:

    Thats some good acid they have there in Yavapai County.

  4. delurking:

    I don't know... It kind of depends on what he looked like.

  5. Four Horses:

    Welcome to exactly what we have been experiencing in Canada for several years with our Canadian Human Rights Commissions. The difference here is that if you are a protected minority, you file a complaint and the perp is hauled up before a real life kangaroo court and ruined.

  6. la petite chou chou:

    Hey---they ARE know. They were probably offended when they saw him so even though he didn't do anything to physically hurt them, they are justified in feeling like victims. Like liberals, feminists, minorities....