Save XP

If you are happy with Vista, fine.  Polls show that the majority of us are not.  I continue to order all of our company PCs with XP and have downgraded all of my home PCs back to XP.  If you want to try to get Microsoft's attention to keep XP past the June 30 stop-sell date, check out this petition.


  1. Tim:

    I'm not sure I'd trust info world with all that information. That magazine is entirely advertisement driven.

  2. Sameer Parekh:

    Given the situation with Vista and XP, I bought a Mac.

  3. Brian Martinez:

    While I agree with the sentiment, I'd find InfoWorld's sincerity in driving this petition a lot easier to accept if it didn't ask for a lot of personal information and if I'd like to be spammed by their advertising partners.

  4. happyjuggler0:

    I agree with Sameer's sentiment. If, er when, I buy a personal computer after June 30, it won't have Vista on it. That may by force mean a Mac, or Vista's successor.

  5. Mike:

    I have always been a staunch supporter of Microsoft, even through the US federal battle against them. However, this move to shut down XP sales and support has opened my eyes to what appears to be a company that is truly in it for profit and not for customer satisfaction. The move to close sales on XP and support for their product is clearly being done to force the consumer into purchasing a newer OS and boost profits at MS. Obviously their quest to purchase Yahoo has forced the OS maker into increasing their bankroll for future use. I can whole heartedly say that Mac will be on my Christmas wish list this year.