More Sick Children

I mentioned yesterday that, consistent with our perfect 15 for 15 history of having sick kids on the family vacation, I missed a day of skiing to take care of my sick son.  Well, the other shoe dropped today, and my wife missed a day of skiing with my sick daughter.  Fortunately, we only have two kids so we may all ski tomorrow.

By the way of disclosure, I enjoy the fun my family has skiing but it really is not my favorite activity or even in my top 50 or so activities.  Too cold, too much stuff to bring, too expensive, too many lines.  Like having to buy $1000 of equipment to go to Disney World and finding that they moved it to Alaska.  With the added risk of breaking a leg.


  1. Larry Sheldon:

    Ah, the memories. Arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska in a pickup-truck/camper with:

    Empty propane tank.
    Empty Fresh Water tank.
    Full-unto-overflowing recirculating toilet.
    All of the clothing wet. (All of the clothing not on somebody in green plastic bags.)
    Three-of-three kids sick.

    Only hotel we knew about full. No rooms available anywhere.

    Kindly desk person arranges a conference room (recently used for som kind of Major Party and still reeking of ... what is that stuff ... Osium?

    "I'll take it."

    "Everybody in the tub! Including wife, I'll be in later."

    All the clothing _I'm_ not wearing into green plastic bags.

    Hours at the laundry washing and drying clothes. Finding a place to dump and cleanout the toilet.

    Taking on fresh water. And propane.

    Washing a 3 to 6 inch layer of Alaska Highway off the vertical back wall of the camper.

    Would I do that trip again if I could?

    In a heartbeat.

  2. Larry Sheldon:


  3. James Ament:

    Re: Skiing

    One must live where it is readily available to get the most out of it; plus avoid the busy weekends and "spring break" periods. I know; easier said than done. I must be lucky - living in the CO Front Range and retired. It's been a great ski season and Arapahoe Basin will be open until early June.

    P.s. Sorry about the sick children.