For All Our Problems...

For all our problems in this country with protecting individual liberties, we at least still have pretty free reign in criticizing public figures.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Canada.  I am not really that sympathetic to all that gets written on these Canadian web sites, but I support their right to say it.

Do not be too complacent, however.  I am absolutely positive that there are many prominent people in this country who are scheming to bring exactly this sort of regime to the US.  In fact, it is already being tested at various college campuses, where a newfound right "not to be offended" has begun to trump free speech, at least so far as offense is defined and felt by the ruling elite on campus.


  1. Mark:

    Just read what Sean Penn said about Fox News. These "free speech" liberals want to shut anyone who disagrees with them down, using the totalitarian power of the government to do so.

  2. Bearster:

    Let's not forget McCain-Feingold