When You Convert the Police to Revenue Generators

When you convert the police from crime solvers to revenue generators, this is a pretty logical outcome.  Hat tip to a reader.  A man has his cars stolen, the police ticket them and tow them but refuse to return them to him.


  1. JoshK:

    In the 2nd part of the clip they show how the NYC department of sanitation took a $30k car that was on the police stolen vehicle list, declared it junk, and immediately sold it to a parts dealer.

    I was just amazed to see that the garbage guys were given the power to randomly seize $30k of property.

  2. John P.:

    When my car was stolen in Boston in the summer of 2003, I found it before the cops did. The City of Boston mailed me a notice that my car would be impounded unless I paid $300 worth of unpaid parking tickets - most of which I'd accumulated in the month the car was missing. I found the address the car had been ticketed at on Google Maps, went there, and drove the car to the police station to report it found.