Happy Florist and Restaurant Promotion Day!

I don't really have any Valentine's related advice for folks.  I will just leave you with this list of meanest loves songs that I heard on the radio this morning.  The Rolling Stone's "Under my Thumb" and Meatloaf's "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" would have been the top of my list.

Oh, and related advice:  I saw yet another wedding a while back that used Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" as part of the ceremony.  I know the refrain is nice, but please, those of you who are betrothed out there, read the lyrics before you use this song in your wedding!

Update: From the same source, this is actually a more interesting list.

Update #2: Valentines jewelry for the brave man.


  1. HTRN:

    "I will always love you" is so pedestrian. You only get married once, so why not make it memorable?


  2. Craig:

    "I'll be watching you" by the Police is another good wedding choice.

  3. Highway:

    The most memorable (for the wrong reasons) wedding first dance I've seen is someone else who wanted to use Unchained Melody. The DJ, unfortunately, flipped the single over... to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling".

    No, the marriage didn't last.

  4. Jim:

    Whitney didn't write the song... Dolly Parton did.

    As far as VD, goes, my wife and I decided a few years ago that OUR Valentine's day would be on the 15th. Flowers and candy are all on clearnance, there's no crowd at the restaurant... we get much more bang for the buck! Can't wait to celebrate tonight!

    I did get a great deal on flowers thanks to Slickdeals.net - through Amazon, I had a dozen roses delivered for $10.04!

  5. TC:

    No Whitney's song is perfect!

    The ink is dry on the license, she now owns half of your assets, collects a seed tonight, calls attorney in the AM!


    She does indeed Love You!

    Awe, Marriage and family planning at it's finest!

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