Update on the Science Project

We're having a lot of fun with the post of my son's science project measuring the Phoenix urban heat island.  The original post has nearly 60 comments and at least five long updates.  Go back and read it all, its like a whole new post.

Commenters are slamming my son for having an R-squared that is insufficient (only 84%!)  I have challenged them to post the R-squared of their vinegar and baking soda volcano they did in eighth grade.


  1. Larry Sheldon:

    I would counsel son the ignore most the comments, most especially the "TCO" person.

    I have not yet gone back for a re-read although I have been keeping up when I could keep the gag reflex under control.

    Your son is a neat kid and I guess learning to defend truth is a good idea. I just wish it wasn't such a rare skill.

  2. Jim T:

    You rock Son of Coyote!

    Keep up the good work. Ignore the ankle bitters!

  3. FredMiddleton:

    A scientist he is. Continue the excellent work.

    High school projects may be the purist form of "investigation". As a student, of this age with clarity of "why" and the determination to "try" and find an answer, he is the exceptional product of what school is supposed to be about. Experiment, study, trial-and-error learning. Not a dictatorial "this is right, that is wrong" teaching mentor-ship.

    Give this young man support, not condemnation.

    For the negative-vibrators, where are YOUR high school accomplishments of this sort?

  4. MCF:

    Props to your son for (1) a cool science project but more importantly (2) the UT jersey, representing Jamaal Charles... Hook em