No More Mike's Hard Lemonades For Me

OK, perhaps it is a guilty pleasure, but I enjoy downing a couple of Mike Hard Lemonade's on a hot afternoon.  Now, it seems, the Food Nazi's at the Center for Science in the Public Interest want to stop me"

Public Citizen's blog announced that CSPI
plans to sue the beverage sellers, asking for disgorgement of profits
from flavored malt beverages, unless they agree to take them off the
market. Their theory? By making flavored alcoholic beverages that taste
good, they are effectively marketing to children. (Because, after all,
adults don't like beverages that taste good.)


  1. CT_Yankee:

    Is my plan to market OLD SOX flavored liquor still OK? Some people seem to actually thrive on the idea of drinking nasty stuff. Why else would people be so proud of making inedible chile hot enough to weld with?

  2. Foxfier:

    ....Does this guy realize that alcoholic beverages don't really HAVE "a functional purpose"?

    They make you tipsy. Or drunk. Or feel good. That isn't really a "functional purpose"-- that's "I like how this makes me feel."

  3. ErikTheRed:

    Meh... low-quality booze. Better off making a lemon drop with some really decent vodka.

  4. dearieme:

    Your apostrophes go to pot when you've had a couple of lemonades! Or is it just strength of feeling, rather than the other strength?

  5. Steve:

    I read through the summation of what they're demanding, and I think it might still be ok to make booze with only long as they don't add any actual alcohol to it.

  6. Mark Alger:

    [fantasy] I wish I had the time and werewithal to forum-sho for a judge willing to bitch-slap the -- scorn quotes -- "Center" for so-called Science in the alleged Public Interest as a public nuisance.[/fantasy]


  7. morganovich:

    giving girls wine coolers is an important part of being 14. this is downright unamerican! how do they expect the next generation to grow up? virtual wine coolers in habbo hotel?

  8. Jeffrey Ellis:

    Fortunately for me, kids hate the taste of really expensive craft and microbrewed beers.

  9. Rob:

    Heh.. I grabbed a Mike's Hard Lemonade, missing the "hard" part of the name. Boy was I surprised! Not to my taste, but the food/drink nazis should take a l-o-n-g vacation where their blackberries won't work.

    Oh, and it should be place with only mercury laden fish available for food.... heh

  10. Les:

    *reads a bit of the original* Oh for Spork's Sake! More lack of perspective. They cannot imagine adults liking these kinds of drinks (or for that matter, Joe Camel. I hate cigarettes but I love those old Joe Camel ads.) so the assumption is of Course that they are deliberatly marketing to children.

  11. Greg:

    I'd like to sue the CSPI for making feel-good proclamations that are so easy to follow.

  12. Sam Wah:

    I had one--tasted so good I had another. Then I felt it. Never no more for me. You may make your own decision--for now. There are too many people who don't believe you can or should make your own decisions.