Thank God The Government Was on the Job

Thank God the government and not the private sector is in charge of road design and construction.  Because those private sector guys just aren't accountable and might have screwed up.


  1. Andy:

    I guess back-filling the Big Dig and writing it off is out of the question? Better to keep throwing good money after bad until one day the un-imaginable happens and the damn thing collapses during rush hour. Jeez. Kill the Big Dig for the sake of the tax payers, most of whom will never benefit from it, even indirectly. Sorta like the bridge to no-where.

  2. Mark:

    IF you can't see a trend with the post on the Big Dig and Mayor Menino's attack on in-store clinics you are virtually blind.

    Massachussets politics is all about delivering for the labor unions. The corruption in that government is nothing short of spectacular.

    I lived there for a year, and the thing I will never forget is the fact that at every construction site, small or large, short-term or long, a fully uniformed police officer sat at the site. In 99.99% of the occurences traffic control was not needed. Clearly security was also not an issue.

    But this is just the way unions work to pad the enrollments. The police unions are big political contributors to the Democratic party. The larger the union enrollment the more the contributions which feeds the cycle.

    OF course, at no time does the taxpayors or citizens welfare come into play.