Lost Some Points with My Wife

Last night I was working at my office up until about 1AM (that's something we of the exploitive class small business owners have to do from time to time) and as I was leaving I went around the back to the dumpster to throw some trash away.  The top was closed, and the lid is really large such that you have to really throw it upwards to get it to stay open.  Well, unfortunately, I had my car key in my hand and it went sailing through the air too.

So, with it pitch black and the key likely inside the dumpster somewhere, I was forced to call my wife, wake her up, and ask her mysteriously to meet me at my office with a flashlight and my spare car key.  She came through, and did it with pretty good humor, all things considered.  By the way, after a few minutes of dumpster diving with the flashlight, I found my key and everything turned out fine, though a late night shower was required before bed.

Tragically, it is not even close to the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life.  Probably not even in the top twenty.


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    I had to take a business trip to a town about an hour away, and locked my keys in the car in the parking lot.

    I have to assume my wife was not thrilled at having to drive over to help me out, even though the hour was reasonable - but she never showed a sign.

    But it HAS BEEN mentioned occasionally.

  2. Jim K:

    I take it you were up late figuring how to best screw your employees and extract all of their labor surplus for yourself, greedy capitalist.

  3. Larry Sheldon:

    I have the experiences necessary to vividly picture the scenario.

    Join me in being thankful that our wives are what we hope for, rather than what we deserve.

  4. Craig:

    I can way top that story, but it would require alcohol and a great deal of time to do it justice. However, it did involve car keys and my (then) new wife (and the beach and a locksmith).

  5. Josh:

    So it would appear that the scorpion didn't kill her. Go humans!

  6. Dan:

    I keep a spare set of keys inside of my wallet. It has saved me countless hours of frustration.

  7. TCO:

    dude we've all been there. Shaka peace.

  8. Brandon Berg:

    I keep a spare set of keys inside of my wallet.

    So do I. Guess where I left my wallet the one time I needed them.