Up and Coming Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy

One of the things I like about John Scalzi, other than the fact his books rock, is that he goes out of his way to promote other up-and-coming writers.  His series in December called "a Month of Writers" has pounded my Amazon bill and filled up my "to be read" shelf.  He indexes the entire series here.


  1. Sol:

    These are by no means all up-and-coming writers; Brust, in particular, has been steadily publishing books since 1984 or so, and has IMO the best long-running fantasy series ever. Ellen Kushner's been around a long time as well, though she's quite slow to write -- maybe five books in the last 20 years. All of them are awesome.

    Elizabeth Bear is definitely up-and-coming, though she's already got twice as many books out as Kushner does. I've got about 40 pages to go in the one Scalzi highlights, and it's been a fantastic read so far. This one is very much in that old Roger Zelazny mode where super-high tech blurs the line between fantasy and science fiction.

  2. TCO:

    His books suck. At least OMW did. Couldn't get past the silly farting crap at the beginning. And his blog shows him to be a nice guy, but basically an NPR middlebrow. And the whole wannabe, neopro writer collective pole-smoking gets very old.