Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

From the Business Opportunities Weblog:

Continuing my list of my favorite business books of 2007 brings us to another unconventional one: BMOC.
While the book, by Warren Meyer, is fictional, it does contain a number
of interesting business ideas, including my favorite outlandish
business opporunity of all time: fountain coin harvesting.

Amazon link for BMOC here  (sorry, I tried to get the price cut for the holidays but it really takes a long time for that to work through the system).


  1. Barbara Meyer:

    Don't apologize Coyote. BMOC is worth any price. Of course, I'm your mother, so......

  2. JimS:

    Wow, so I'm not so weird for telling my kids they can take coins out if there's not a sign to the contrary?

  3. DaveN:

    Hey there,

    Weirdest biz idea I've ever heard of: a colleague bought a bunch of gumball machines, placed them around shopping centers. Then bought gum removing machines to clean pavement and sidewalks. Ingenious, but strange.

    Love your blog(s), especially climate-audit. I worked briefly on hydroclimatology at Los Alamos - the AGW biz is just that, a biz; when its not a cult.


  4. DaveN:

    Aww heck, checked back and noticed I referred to the wrong climate blog. Many groveling apologies sent your way.