Climate Socialism

The climate catastrophists are starting to show their true socialist colors in Bali.


  1. Brett Bellomo:

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    Brett Bellomo. thnks. not total opponent of knowing toxins and antidotes for valued scientific gain, and always for medical knowledge. prvt please. chaska mn.
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  2. M. Hodak:

    That comment was one of the most coherent defenses of wealth redistribution I have ever read!

    (Feel free to eliminate this comment when you eliminate the one above, or people will think I've been I was drinking, too.)

  3. Magnus:

    Ii appreciate this post. The history of AGW and IPCC is fraud after fraud after fraud, no proof in sight what so ever. It is a logical suspocion that this hype is a bandwagon for socialists. In Sweden there are former communnists and far left radicals who are very engaged in this issue, writing books about it without scientific knowledge (claiming the most alarming scientists don't tell ppl how bad it is, because they have to be "scientifically scrutable" ;-) ).

    In my latest blog post I have a funny picture of Al Gore with a CCCP-card, but also a internet traffic diagram for Real Climate (RC) and Climate Audit (CA) which shows that RC decline and that CA is now twice as popular as RC!


    BR, Magnus Andersson (Sweden)