This is Low?

A study finds that 17.6% of social scientists at American universities self-identify themselves as Marxists.  And the study's authors find this percentage to be "low".  By the way, had Coyote been responsible for assigning the Marxist label rather than just self-idntification, my guess is the number would have easily cracked 50%.


  1. somebody:

    It must be great to live in la-la-land and get paid for it, too.

  2. Kevin:

    So, given that 50% > 17.6%, it's "low". Compared to the expectation.

  3. Emil:

    It would be quite difficult for somebody involved with the social sciences and with economics to describe himself as something different than a "Marxist" ... Marx asked a lot of good questions (and gave mostly flawed answers), and the social/political sciences still look for answers to those questions.

    By 50% you probably mean "levelers", which is quite a different story.

  4. dearieme:

    Ah, go on: most Social Scientists aren't scholarly enough to know whether or not they are marxists.

  5. Jeffrey Ellis:

    I bet it really is closer to 50% than 17.6%. Given the perceived stigma of being labeled a Marxist, many probably wouldn't openly admit it.

    I liked dearieme's response too, though. ;-)

  6. ErikTheRed:

    Heh... was just reading a sci-fi series by Charles Stross (The Merchant Princes series) which features an alternate reality where Karl Marx asks the same questions... and became the rebel capitalist instead. I was mildly amused by this.

  7. Al Fin:

    Given what marxism did to Eastern Europe, Cambodia, North Korea, the USSR, etc. it is extremely unlikely that any intelligent persons would self-identify as marxists--even if they are one.

    No, the 17.6% who self-identified as marxists represent the extreme shit-throwing monkey contingent of academic social "scientists." There's no reasonable expectation of anything healthy or productive from those hooting tree dwellers.

  8. Noumenon:

    The study is at . If you look at page 40, they say Marxists are "rare" in academia, with the highest proportion being that 17.6% in the social sciences, working out to a 3% portion of academics overall.

    Also, remember that "Marxist" represents an area of study as well as a political affiliation when you're a social scientist.