Music Bleg For Classic Rock Fans

OK, I am tired of getting grief from family and friends for only listening to classic rock.  My collection includes some Metallica and SoundGarden and Pearl Jam, but thats about as new as it gets.  So, here is my request.  Knowing I like classic rock, what albums or artists from the last 10 years should I be exploring?  And please, don't tell me Avril Lavigne because you like her -- Tell me what I will like.

Update:  Holy Sh*t!  If you want lots of comments fast, put up a music bleg!  I'll put up a summary post for all of the results this weekend.


  1. Mike:

    A classic that doesn't get much airplay are a few songs from the 1975 double live album "Strangers in the Dark" by UFO. "Doctor Doctor", "Lights Out" & "Rock Bottom" are a lot of fun to listen to. If you like to listen before you buy, I recomend using YouTube. Just input song & band & someone will have it up with video, stills or even a bootleg live version.
    Of course, Boston's 1st two albums are truly Classic.

  2. Dale:

    So, in anticipating what a classic rock fan might like that he has missed the last ten years... hmmm...

    Try Creed. There stuff has a classic feel to it.

  3. rich:

    Alter Bridge:

    One Day Remains CD

    BlackBird CD

  4. Tim:

    What you need to do is sign up for itunes and open the channel to "radio paradise" when a song comes on that you like, hit the "Buy" button.

    Or Just listen at:

    and write down the names of anything that sounds good. Then buy it.

    Although my favorite bands are "The Bodeans, and Cowboy Mouth" we are roughly the same age and I used to be a big classic rock fan until I realized that it never, ever, ever, ever changes. Bleh!

  5. Jeffrey Ellis:

    Rush. Classic (if rather progressive) rock that keeps evolving over time.


  6. Chris:

    I was a big classic rock fan - so I'll just share some of the stuff that I have been listening to. You can listen to previews of almost all of this on Amazon and sometimes you can even listen to whole albums on Napster or some other sites.
    My favorite trick to find new music is to setup a station on - enter in a couple bands or songs that you like and it will dynamically build a playlist based on your preferences.
    Either way - try these. You might like them, but music selection is hard, because different people may like the same music for very different reasons.
    I'd love to hear whether or not you discover anything new that you enjoy.
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Corrosion of Conformity
    Local H
    Perfect Circle
    White Stripes

  7. GeologyJoe:

    White Stripes - definitely
    Clutch -possibly, they are in line with metallica, PJ and Sounggarden.
    Velvet Revolver -who are guns n roses with scott wyland from STP on vocals. they are in line with the others as well.

    There is another site to listen at: SLACKER.COM :its really good, easy to use. Lots of genera options.

    Good Luck

  8. Simon Allaway:

    Here's two:
    Jet - Get Born
    All the best parts of AC/DC with some Beatlesy melody.

    Radiohead - OK Computer
    Outside your ten year parameter but a great rock album anyway.

  9. Erin:

    Chris already beat me to most of my suggestions. You might like Muse, too, though they're not classic rock-ish per se.

  10. loren nason:

    Band = Tesla -> Album = Five man acoustical jam

  11. Darin:

    If you like Soundgarden, try Audioslave (first album only) or Chris Cornell's solo albums.

    Of course, the real solution to this is to tell your family and "friends" to mind their own business. There's only so much music you can listen to in a day. Why waste time on stuff you probably won't like when Back in Black is sitting right there?

  12. Brian:

    I was going to suggest what Tim did - Radio Paradise is da bomb. Listen and buy what you like.

  13. Reformed Republican:

    Try Akron/Family. They are a fun, if occasionally strange, rock band. Their MySpace page if you are into that sort of thing.

  14. Jim Hall:

    You sound a lot like me in musical tastes. In fact if you have Metallica, you have surpassed me in hipness.

    I'm not sure if I can help you if you are only concerned with newer rock acts. But I have had a great time recently listening to both new and old blues. BB King, Koko Taylor. Son Seals, Charlie Musslewhite, etc.

  15. Paul:

    Man, it's good to see some of my faves listed above...

    Try out:

    Dream Theater (Progressive Rock, unreal mucisianship, probably the best band on the planet)

    Clutch (Newer releases are more funk rock)

    Corrosion of Conformity (While known for being Heavy/Punk, their newer stuff is very bluesy, you might find you like it)

    Queens of the Stone Age (I love this band, they are a little tough to define, lots of different influence, you can certainly hear the jazz and the funk)

    Down (More southern heavy stuff, Down is a side project of members of Pantera, COC, and Eye Hate God. It's suprisingly good, very bluesy stoner rock)

  16. adsf:


  17. Thomas:

    How about Warren Zevon, everyone knows Werewolves of London, but he has alot more music he made and he influenced people from REM to Springsteen and many others...

  18. CTD:

    I'll put in another nomination for Clutch (

    The Burden Brothers (ex-Toadies) are also worth a listen.

  19. LabRat:

    Second the recommendations for Clutch and the utility of Pandora's music site. Easily 90% of the new music I find myself liking comes through Pandora. (The other ten is XM Radio.)

    What do you like about classic rock? If it's the guitar work, you might want to look to what's coming out of the blues scene right now- some of the best guitar playing I've been hearing has been from blues folks. I particularly recommend Susan Tedeschi (great voice, too), Jonny Lang, and Coco Montoya (for him, "Fear No Evil" is an awesome track).

    If you don't have any Collective Soul in your collection, you should definitely check them out. Most of their stuff isn't much more recent than Pearl Jam, but they do really solid guitar/singing rocky stuff. Don't let the popularity of "World That I Know" fool you- it's very atypical for their songs.

    Headstones is another really solid band, but I don't seem to be able to find their stuff easily. There are two bands with that name- the one I have in mind did "Reframed", "Cubically Contained", "Smile and Wave", and "Tiny Teddy".

  20. DJB:

    Kings of Leon
    White stripes

  21. BKM:

    The Black Keys. Start with the "Rubber Factory" album.

  22. Mesa Econoguy:

    The new Rush album ain’t bad. (Snakes & Arrows) That’s the most recent album I’ve bought.

    Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, maybe Stone Temple Pilots? Police are always good.

    I’m in the same boat, new music is dead.

    Lotsa great jazz out there…..

  23. Mesa Econoguy:

    A lot of your readers seem to like similar music. That’s interesting – same part of brain at work/rest?

  24. Stephen Macklin:

    There is a plug in for iTunes called iLike. It scans it's database and recommend songs you might like based on what you're listening to. It even includes a selection of free songs from lesser known and up-and coming bands.

  25. nicole:

    If you like garage rock at all, you should try out the Detroit Cobras. They are just about the only new music I listen to. The lead singer (female) has this great husky voice and the songs are edgy but very musical.

  26. mox:

    If you like classic rock, especially southern rock, you should try out Black Crowes. Couple of "jam bands" in the classic rock tradition are Phish and Widespread Panic. If you like Bob Dylan, try Ryan Adams, his sound, even his voice is remarkably similar to Dylan.

  27. drew:

    Doomriders (Black Thunder)
    Boris (Pink, Akuma No Uta)

  28. Mesa Econoguy:

    Warren’s a “decent” Rush fan, or so he claims.

    He doesn’t know about this, guaranteed.

  29. Mesa Econoguy:

    Sorry, this:

    [Bill Gates sux]

  30. napablogger:

    To me Mettalica and some of the others mentioned are closer to heavy metal, whereas some like Ryan Adams, Steely Dan, etc are more vocal oriented, not as heavy. Won't say pop.

    So these are more like hard rock to me, not heavy metal or popish rock:

    Ozzy Osborne's album with Randy Rhoades you all must already have. I can listen to it over and over. The one with Crazy Train. But that's old, isn't it?

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers last double album was incredible.

    Plain White T's, LIving Things (best anti war rock since 'Nam)Linkin Park is awesome if you have never listened to them.

  31. Jeffrey Ellis:

    In my earlier comment I forgot to mention a group you should check out: Porcupine Tree. They're a hard/progressive rock band that can best be described as a Pink Floyd for the 21st century. Their "In Absentia" album is their best work but their past 2 albums ("Deadwing", and "Fear of a Blank Planet") are both great as well. Alex Lifeson (Rush) is a guest guitarist on one of the "Fear of a Blank Planet" songs, too.


  32. Reformed Republican:

    I will second the vote for Porcupine Tree. Definitely an awesome band.

  33. Xmas:

    I'd suggest you try

    Put in a band/song you like and Pandora will pick similar songs/bands.

  34. Xmas:

    I'd suggest you try

    Put in a band/song you like and Pandora will pick similar songs/bands.

  35. Billy Beck:

    There was a time when great, great pop music rained down on our heads all day long. From Motown to the Motor City Madman, from Muscle Shoals to Mink Hollow. What I resent is having to wade through tons of utter bullshit in order to find it, now.

    I earnestly second the "Burning For Buddy" disk. It's like listening to the Johnny Carson Show during commercial breaks. Very very good.